Hey UG.

So I've been getting into recording much more lately with Logic Express. I mic my amp with an SM57 into an M-Audio MobilePre USB.

How do you get guitars to sound "farther away" without so much reverb? I feel when I record it sounds exactly like where the mic is placed: right by the speaker.

Also, listen to the rhythm guitar on "With Jupiter in Mind" by Satch. It sounds so present, yet doesn't pierce or mud the sound. Almost like the guitar is wrapped around you. Is this from straight EQ or like a high pass filter?

Any more tips let me know! Thanks!
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hmm using a reverb after the recording maybe
or try to put the microphone farther away from the amp...
or if you have more than one amo try to record the same guitar in two different amps and then put them together in the recording

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ok try putting your mic at a slight angle pointing towards your amp. then record your sound from 1 inch, then 2 inches, then 3, etc. up to about a foot and a half away. then play them all back and see which sounds best. play with different placements.

if you're trying to set your amp for a "neutral" or "studio" sound, this is a mistake. set it right for the room you're in or it'll sound weird. the sound you use when playing with a band will also sound weird because of the absence of others interfering with your sound. set your amp for as if you were playing alone. (this does not apply if you're recording your whole band on multitrack, which would be impossible anyways, given your equipment)

for the "far away" sound, try more mids. but for god's sake, don't set them on your amp. refer to the above paragraph for your amp. instead, boost the mids in Logic. also, don't just try the room reverb, try the halls, churches, etc. try them all, pick the best

hope that helps, and good luck!
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Another thing to consider is that the recordings you're listening to are done in a studio, with thousands of dollars worth of gear, using a professional recording engineer and professionally mastered.

So... Perhaps try backing off the volume a little on your mixer. Add a little reverb, as already suggested and maybe EQ the sound a little.
Usually when you want things to sound further away you'd take away some high and low end. But it depends on what you want it to sound like, experiment with different frequencies and different types of reverb.
ive gotten good results by using two mics. one by the speaker, and a second a couple feet away (typically a condensor). this will capture the room sound more, and have more depth to it. stick this low in the mix behind your close track, and it adds distance and a fullness to the sound.
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I feel when I record it sounds exactly like where the mic is placed: right by the speaker.
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experiment with mic placement if reverb and pannings don't work for you.