Looking at an Epiphone Sheraton II vs a Gretch 5120 Electromatic

Playing through a Classic 30 the likes of Dave Grohl, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Oasis, etc. but also would like the option of playing the likes of BB King, Clapton, John Mayer (Blues version), etc.

Went to Guitar Center today looking at the Sheraton II ($600) when low and behold an Orange Gretch 5210 on Clearance right next to it for $500.

Any thoughts would be great.
i think that even though the gretsch is a VERY good deal, the sheraton would be the obvious choice for the kind of music you want to play. i have both of those models (though my sheraton is a 1990s model which is quite a lot different to the ones they make now) and if i were playing music like that i know which one i'd think to pick up first..

the gretsch basically is a full-bodied punchy, twangy sound that's great for cleans, but the overdriven tones are an aquired taste for sure, and the fully hollow body would be prone to feedback. and the guitar kind of feels a bit more like an acoustic to play imo.

why don't you try them both and decide for yourself, though? you know what is right for you better than i do.
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I have a G5122 (same as the 5120 but with a double cut) and love it. I also liked the Sheraton a lot, but liked the Gretsches better, they sound warmer.
It's pretty much a semi-hollow vs hollow war... have you played both? which do you like better? that's what matters the most
I played them quickly between jobs today (don't tell the boss) but didn't get to really get into them. I'm leaning towards the Sheraton as it felt like the better all around. I certainly appreciated the gretch though (especially at that price). Thanks for the advice.
If price is your issue, you could check out the Sheraton II online, you could probably find it for like $450-550, although it's a bit of a gamble as you can't pick the one you want
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Yeah much like the guys above me have said, it's a semi-hollowbody vs. hollowbody war. I have a Sheraton II and I love it (switched out the stock pickups for classic 57/57+ combo... all preference); it covers all the basses pretty well, dirty grunge like the Foos, decent for punk/ska/indie rock, and cleans blues like BB King, and everything in between (while retaining a very sweet sound), and feedback is only an issue when I play with a LOT of gain (you kind of have to try to get feedback; I have to use my fuzz factory and just put the guitar in front of the amp). I've never owned a Gretch but I remember checking them out before I got the Sheraton and while they are BEAUTIFUL guitars (the white falcon? XD), they are more geared to a specific sound. That being said, it's all preference: play them both, hopefully using a setup similar to what you'll be using, and let your ears and hands guide you. Now that I have a Sheraton, I'm hoping to a get a full hollowbody Gretch next =)

EDIT: also, you can try looking for a Sheraton on craigslist; the Korean made ones (1990s and early 2000s i think) are supposed to be of better quality than the current (i think) Chinese ones... the Sheraton I have now is Korean and I found it on CL for $350 in very good condition with a hardcase
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