Is there any way to find out why a tab was rejected? I submitted "Heavy Metal" by Sammy Hagar in the Guitar Pro 5 format and it was turned down--twice. There are no other Guitar Pro versions of this song. I really think I got the rhythm guitar spot on, the drums and bass suck, and no lead, but would that be why it was rejected? I am willing to make changes to accommodate what ever reason it was rejected for but just can't find out why rejected.

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Thanks, Mike
Because the drums and bass suck, and there's no lead? It's particularly annoying when looking for a guitar pro tab for something, finding only one result when you search, and opening it to find it's somebody who's just tabbed one guitar or something equally useless.
dude not sure, because ive seen some shitty, SHITTY tabs on this website, honestly i think sometimes tabs get rejected because people just dont like certain artists

maybe just put the rhythm guitar part?
Agh, so many newbs think they know how to tab. The phrase "I think" is the dumbest thing you can say when tabbing guitars. It's a note, you either got it or you don't. If you can't get the note right, you are still learning as a listener and that'll come as you grow familiar with the guitar. Before you share your tabs with the world, learn how to tab first.
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Could be because it sucks. You just admitted as much.
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