My teacher gave me a 4 chord blues progression to play cuz I have no rythym.
Well hes gone for two weeks and im almost sick of it already.
What else can I do to improve my awful rythym playing?
Every progression I make up always follows the same patterns and I hate it.
Play chromatically, but structure different counts like

E - 3 counts
F - 4 counts
F# - 2 counts
G - 4 counts

Simple strokes on all but it gets your brain thinking,

Write the structure of time before you begin so then you no what to focus on
If you're trying to work on your rhythm then play whatever it is you normally play in strict time to a metronome.

You might also want to try using concepts like these:


They're bass videos but since they're bass players and bass players generally make up part of the rhythm section of most small bands... these are the guys to listen to when it comes down to it
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Well. Those videos explained things quite well. I just wish my metronOme sounded like drums.
Oh well. I wanna be better. Thank you both. Im goin to play.