This is one of my more structured songs that I have made. Its also one of the more happy songs that I have made. This is actually probably my favorite song I have made so far. I might add in bass later on but I'll think about that, I like the song how it is now, but who knows. Anyways, critic for critic as always. Any suggestions would be nice.
If You Say.gp5
If You Say.gp4
You definitely need to add another guitar to sustain the chords in between sections where you start doing the little licks. The changes are quite sudden. Don't forget about being able to tie notes using the button next to rest. The song works well in its simplicity. The drums work very nicely.

I don't like all the changes in time signatures though. Some of them just don't work. I'm also not a fan of bars 44 and 45.

This song has a happy atmosphere though, and I like that. It's not something we usually see.
Yeah, I was thinking of replacing bars 44 and 45. They just don't fit too well. The time signatures only change between 3/4 and 4/4, nothing too dramatic. I thought it was fine :P

Thanks for the compliment on the drums, I usually suck at doing drums.
Very Nice piece, with some cool themes in it. Not my personal style, but it has a good sound to it. It gets a tad repetitive, and it seems to be a piece that you could easily listen to while doing other stuff. Nothing wrong with it, except perhaps the sudden changes like Andalus said.
The individual melodies and such are nice. However, they feel disjointed, like they're just separate ideas, and not meant to be one song. Then again, that may change with the addition of lyrics.

Either way, I feel like bar 37 has to be taken out. It just doesn't work, in my opinion.

Also, I changed bars 40 and 41 to 4/4, making the last guitar note of each measure a dotted quarter instead of an eighth, and I think it flowed much better.

Also, the melody on the guitar at bar 45 sounds out of key to me.

Anyways, don't let all the negativity give the wrong impression; I like most of what you have. I just focus on what needs to be changing because that's the only way a review can be useful.