I opened the door,
as to not make a sound.
looked in,
looked around.
Unintrigued, i leave.
my foot-steps,
deciphering the floor.
-as to not disturb the ground
anymore then i already have.

Then upon my exit; a KNOCK.
no more profound then a tick from a clock.
Yet my heart.. it stopped.
As this sense
traveled to my heart...then
through my spine.... then
found its way into my mind.
(it crept through my neck, ever so slowly)
-as to not be detected: as a shift in self.

This slow cultivating fear.
This knocking, ticking at my ear.
Its message so clear-
"Get the **** Out of Here."
But as I tried to steer
my body through
the corridor adjacent.
Something flipped a latch,
threw me down the basement.

It was so dark.
My God, who knew
such absence of light
was existent.?!
I tried to fight,
yet, my body it resisted.
Running through my head (or what was left)
I woke in bed. (scared to death)
And now,
I'll never leave the lights off again
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
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