So recently I made a cabinet for my amp and I had a ball doing it, so I decided to try modding a guitar.

The guitar I modded was a cheap fender MIM strat. I've had it for about 2 years. I got it for $250 bucks. It wasn't bad, but it was too generic for me and the neck pickup sometimes didn't work. So I decided to mod it. Here's what it looked like:


So one of my favorite movies was V for Vendetta, so I wanted to use that as the theme for the guitar, to sort of celebrate the movie. Heres what I did:

-Painted all the hardware black (bridge, tuners, screws, nut, back plate, ect)
-Using decal paper, I made a scarlet carson (he gave them to people before he killed them) and put it on the fretboard. I laquered over it after.
-I replaced my pickguard and electronics with a wired pickguard I found on ebay. It had a seymour duncan JB-tb4 in the bridge and jazz in the neck. They are coil split too, which is something I wanted in particular.
-Then I made another big decal that I put over the body, as seen in the pics.

Several things are really sloppy about the guitar:
-Paint scrapped off here and there
-Sloppy job with the decal on the body (and the fact that its a decal and not painted on). Same with the scarlet carson.
-I didn't do the best job with the laquer- its not really smooth, but the guitar plays and feels fine still.

In the end I was pretty proud that I did it, even though i didnt do the best job. I think that it was a stepping stone for me to eventually do better mods down the road, ect.
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not a big fan, but to each his own. fretboard looks cool though, if it were a real inlay id be pretty jealous. if you re-do it, buy black hardware instead of painting it lol.
and ja, be proud of it man. its something unique, and you bought it about