Hello All,

I’ve been playing for years but I am having a lot of trouble dialling in a proper sounds in my effects chain and how to use the effects loop in my Peavy 30. I have read a lot on the internet but still find myself with questions. My gear is as follows:

Boss Metal Zone MT-2
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Boss Distortion DS-1
Phase 90
MXR Delay
Looper pedal
Boss TU-3 tuner

Any advice on pedal ordering, what goes into the loop and what doesn't or other help on this would be awesome!

tuner - wah - ts - ds-1 - mt-2 - amp -fx loop->noise supresso - phaser - delay - looper

i put the ds-1 befor the mt-2 since i think it has less gain
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well the ds-1 and mt-2 are both very hard to get workable sounds out of. but what crohno said is correct thats the generally accepted order of affects
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So if the noise suppresor goes into the effects loop it will cut the hum of the distortion/od pedals outside of the loop?
I like putting my phasor after my wah, (before distortion) but that's just my 2 cents.
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