This is a really dumb question I have but hell you dont learn unless you ask. Ive always been into metal looking guitars such as the jackson king v and esp sort of stuff but for the last year or so ive really been mellowing out and just loving the vintage classic look. And as fate would have it fell back in love with the les paul. But i honestly dont like pickgaurds and I dont want to buy one that has it and take it off. So I know that the 08 les paul standard come without a pickgaurd but it there any others?
Also is the Gibson Les Paul Supreme worth the $3,500 price tag? Keep in mind im looking for guitars that will last for a LONG LONG time if taken care of
for metal look to an esp, same shape, more stuff for your money, if youre on a budget look at the ltd ec-1000 or ec-401 also I dont think the gibson is worthy, my ltd ec-401 has lasted 4 years without any other change but strings and I dont particually take a lot of care of her
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Dude. There is absolutely no harm in buying one with a pick guard and then taking it off, it doesn't affect the guitar at all, and it'd probably be exactly the same price as one without one. You're just severely limiting your options by saying you exclusively want one without a guard.
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yeah the only difference would be a tiny screw hole on the upper right side of the neck pickup
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also if youve only been looking at gibson, check out some epiphone les pauls. they have the les paul signature quality thing and you can get all the same looks as the gibsons. i have an epiphone les paul studio, only for about a year now but sounds and plays great
Also if you're in the United States and you wouldn't mind pulling the trigger on a guitar you can't play beforehand Agile's higher-end Les Paul copies are (from what I've heard) fantastic for a fraction of what a similarly equipped Gibson would cost you.
gibson just came out with a new one called the anniversary flood (in commemoration of the flood in nashville that damaged a bunch of guitars n stuffs.) its got a kinda weird bowling- ball esque swirl finish which i cant decide if i like or not, but also no pickguard.

also some of the esp les pauls are really nice. deff worth looking into

+1 to agile from what ive heard^
really? i mean its not even that big of a deal and in no way does anything bad to the guitar. just keep the guard incase you want to sell it or something so its original.
Keep in mind that most guitars will last a long time if taken care of properly.
I say if you're paying over $3000 you should be getting a custom guitar, screw Gibson.
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I'm not a Supreme fan myself, more bling than real substance. For that money you're into Gibson Custom Shop territory (ie you can get a gloss R7 or R8 for less and a VOS version either even less than the gloss).
If you want a true LP the Traditional has all of the USA charm for around 2K, possibly less than that.
Moving on.....
What kind of a budget are we talking here? I love the Eclipse, but it is -not- a replacement Les Paul. And if you're willing to spend money on a Gibson, don't bother with Agile. Not saying Gibson has to be it, but your alternatives for similarly-priced guitars are much better.
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Gibson studio's don't come with pickguards as far as I know.
Otherwise, just take off the pickguard on a proper les paul, and voilla.

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C'mon guys... my fellow Ohioan asks about a LP Supreme and you guys flood him with recommendations for Agile, ESP and Epiphone? If he wants to drop that kind of change on a guitar then that's his business.

Personally the Supreme is a little too glitzy for my taste. I prefer a more classic, raw look in my guitars. I love plain-top Les Pauls. Is the Supreme worth the money? Sure, if you like that look. But as some people said, you could step into an awesome Gibson for less cash than that, and still have a guitar that would last you a LONG, LONG time.

Although I do agree with nitestick - if you're willing to spend over $3000 on a guitar then you have a lot of options in the custom-guitar-world. Might be worth considering.

And yeah, don't base your decision on which ones come with a pickguard. Buy the one you like the most and just take off the pickguard yourself. Takes about 5 seconds. You can see the screw holes if you look close, but chances are you'll be the only one who notices them.
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C'mon guys... my fellow Ohioan asks about a LP Supreme and you guys flood him with recommendations for Agile, ESP and Epiphone? If he wants to drop that kind of change on a guitar then that's his business.

And yeah, don't base your decision on which ones come with a pickguard.

+1 and


the supreme is basically the most pimped out lester you can get without going custom. ebony board, flame top etc. i am really not a fan, i am actually opposed to those things.

i also agree with kenG, traditionals are very similar in build and features to the older pauls, and a good buy around $2k.

some les pauls come without the pick guard, a lot of people take them off and leave them in the case. my 08 standard silverburst came without the pickguard for example.

all that said, i'd go used. but with all the fakes out there you may not feel cozy with that idea.

for metal? grab a les paul custom when GC or Sam Ash send out the 20% off coupons. they retail at $3800 but i've seen them go for around $3k new. it happens.
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For $3,000 you can get a custom singlecut design from Suhr, Carvin, Godin, Esp, Ibanez, PRS, etc. that would all kick the hell out of a generic choice mohogany wood LP with vintage style generic pickups.
A mate of mine was looking at a supreme over here in the UK, after i gave him my honest advice to the potential downfalls of the guitar (no back cavity plate to fiddle with the pickups, a finish which you would be scared to play incase it scratches, whether its giggable or not etc. He decided to go for a gibbo les paul custom instead and he couldnt be happier.

Id suggest the same, or if hes looking for a pimped out version go for a top spec standard, some of them had lovely tops on them and are still cheaper than the supreme
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