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Just wanted to run something by you folks. I've been reading about Treble Boosts lately, and they have peaked my interest. Here's the one I've been looking at:


It seems pretty versitile, like you could get a variety of usable tones out of it. But I really don't know much about Treble Boosts to make an informed decision. I was thinking of using it to boost my TS9 Tubescreamer into a more distortion-oriented zone, and perhaps my Oxfuzz Silicon as well.

Just wondering if anyone out there uses Treble Boosters for the same purpose. Please tell me if I'm on the right track here and if this would sound good.

BTW I almost always play my Amp at bedroom (low) volumes, just in case that's relevant.

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...You want to boost your overdrive pedal?
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Treble Boosters are downright amazing effects.

They are great for getting plenty of overdrive and are great for tightening your sound and making dark-sound amps become more focused. I love using them on vintage amps to get even more dirt out of them.

While they may be called "Treble Boosters" you aren't necessarily going to get a very high-heavy tone. In fact, whenever I use one I end up getting a sort of Soundgarden-esque tone.

That being said, I have never used one with an overdrive pedal. However, you can certainly experiment. If it doesn't happen to work with your OD pedal very well, you still have one great effect.
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Yep. I'll use both of them by themselves as well, but possibly stack them for more crunch. A little bit of both.
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...You want to boost your overdrive pedal?

... Yeah. What's wrong with that? Boosted pedals can sound good.

TS: Treble boosters can be a great secret weapon to have. I'd grab one

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Personally I think boosting overdrive pedals sounds like ass but YMMV. It tends to sound harsh and gross, especially when the OD is a Tubescreamer type pedal. I love treble boosters into dirty amps though.
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