Anybody have any good advice on how to get a good growly tone with P/J pickups. It feels to me like you need humbuckers for a growly midrange tone cuz when i use both my pickups at the same time, it always sounds like there is some sort of scoop. They're Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups if that helps.
IF I recall SD QP's are voiced like that. Their geared for what is called a "modern" tone (which is B.S imo) Have you boosted the mids? You could try stainless strings, but if I were you, I would swap for a Dimarzio Ultra Jazz or an Area J.
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The QP's are voiced with a slight mid scoope .

I recommend getting a set of SD Lightnin' Rods for the growly tone.
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How would the tone change with the QPs and some stainless steel (Rotosound Swing 66s for example) strings?? This interests me greatly too.
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I get quite the growly tone with my P/J...

Here's with my power-pop band playing a Go-Go's song for the first time... nothing fancy, playing-wise, but it's a fairly growly p/j tone:


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Bonus vid, cus our singer is awesome : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYl1L1mI-ms
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