What was your first guitar?

Mine was a Japanese Fender Strat in black. Otherwise known as a Japstrat.

Tell me yours...
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A 30 something year old nylon string made by Suzuki Violin Co that belonged to my dad. My first electric guitar was a BC Rich Warlock I got from trading an Epiphone classical guitar I rescued from a bin.
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Some cheap spanish acoustic guitar that was my dad's. My first electric guitar was a Strat copy my parents got from Aldi :P
A StarSound Strat, got it for roughly 65 euro, along with a shitty amp, plectrum, cable and other starter-pack-stuff. Later I bought my first 'real' guitar and amp. Ibanez and a Line6
ROCK ON! \m/

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An electric Aria pro II. Played and sounded like s***e, but I still loved it. Still have it 20 odd years later but haven't played it in years.
my current guitar and i wouldnt trade it for the world lmao. it plays like a dream, perfect action, amazing intination.....honestly, what more could you want
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First acoustic was a low end Martinez, first electric is the schecter in my sig.

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Strat copy from Aldi.
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My first electric was an Ibanez Silver Cadet.
My first acoustic was some cheap classical $hit (broke the bridge in a jiffy)...
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First guitar was an old Kay acoustic from the 70's that my dad had sitting up in the attic. It was a total POS! First electric was an Ibanez Roadstar II. I loved that thing but it's long gone.
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2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard
'57 AVRI Fender Stratocaster
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Cort starterpack guitar.
'twas alright for what it was.
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My first acoustic was a Goya and my first electric was a Samick Malibu MB-1
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Martin Stinger SSX I got from my cousin, but I hated that thing so much, I decided to get rid of that and start anew. Now I consider it my ESP LTD Viper 300M which I love so much.