I know that the chords are there, but can anyone get me the little solo accompiniament that is played about halfway through the song? Thanks. Thisi s my first request or post actually.
Well it's not in that version you linked. I can't seem to find the album version on Youtube.
I found the song through my friend and listened to it briefly.... if this is the right version he is playing
this with a slide bar......

however if you want to play along with it this is the basic riff with maybe a few changes here and there.... but this should get you started... It is all slide done on the B string..

B --/11--/11--11-11-11--9--6---

If you really need the entire thing tabbed let me know and I will do it for you when I get the chance... and can get it from my friend...
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Thank you so much, If you could that would be great, I really want to play this for my girlfriend.