Hi guys,
I'm probably getting my first tube amp sometime next week. In the end I've decided to get a VOX AC15. I play mainly indie / alternative stuff and decided to get the AC15 over an Orange TT combo because the AC15 along with a good OD pedal seems to be much more versatile. Though I don't have any clues what pedals to get. That's where I hope you can help me
I have kinda "limitless" budget (meaning that I can probably get one pedal regardless of price) so I hope you guys can recommend me some superb stuff that adds a little variety into my sound
well what sound specifically would you like? pick songs/bands. "indie/alternative" is so vague and broad we could give you a thousand pedal suggestions that fir the bill but you wouldn't like.
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well what sound specifically would you like? pick songs/bands. "indie/alternative" is so vague and broad we could give you a thousand pedal suggestions that fir the bill but you wouldn't like.

Okay, sorry for that one then. Mainly Sonic Youth, Pavement, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. stuff. And some Radiohead, Libertines, Talking Heads, Yo La Tengo. Also some classic rock like Velvet Underground, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. That should cover nearly everything I play.
hmm......cant go wrong with a mxr 10 band EQ.......mabye a wah, chorus....delay.....OD........the list goes one. i say go for a talkbox lmfao
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If you have good budget I recommend getting the Vox Hand-Wired AC30HWHD 30W head with the matching cab. It's a stellar head and the matching cab has alnico blues which are amazing. Or the night train half stack is great as well if you don't mind having a low watt set up. Still plenty loud. I don't like combo amps for the fact that they are rough on the tubes since they are in an enclosed area with all of the pressure from the speakers. The catalinbread Merkin fuzz is a cool pedal, their formula number 5 pedal is cool too and their tremolo pedals are great. The MXR Blues box is an awesome pedal Jimmy Page used it. Catalinbread also has a low octave fuzz pedal similar to it except that you can do 1 or 2 octaves below.
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go to the devi ever site. she has demos for all her pedals and I guarantee she has a distortion for you.
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a slicer and a octave pedal.

seriously, though, a nice boost and a softer toned wah pedal will be a good start.
What about a really nice OD / clean boost? Heard only good stuff about the Diamond J-Drive. I guess an OD / fuzz pedal is a good starting point. But now I'm totally clueless. My local store only got cheaper stuff (I guess they don't even have a Big Muff Pi) so I won't be able to test the boutique stuff before buying. Any recommendations? Devi Ever for example is really nice. Loved the tone of the Godzilla but hey, it was judged by some lousy youtube videos :P
no pedalboard is complete without one of these too
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I suggest an OD. Then maybe a compressor. Then wah, fuzz, modulations, delay, etc.

What's that picture of those 2 black pedals?

kingsley jester, jouster, effectrode vibra chorus.

damage control womenizer.
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Don't listen to these people, the only pedal you need is a tuning pedal. Maybe a noise gate if you play live/loud a lot. All of them are good and get the job done. After that, some sort of tubescreamer pedal, and you'll be pretty set.
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but seriously a tuner pedal is probably the single best pedal to have, i regret not having one every day then maybe an OD
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For a tuner pedal I guess probably a Boss? Why are they so popular over Korg? Any special reasons?