Hi, this is my first post and request on this forum. I usually come to ultimateguitar for tabs before any other site but haven't ever used the forums.

So anyways for my request. There is this video on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUXLftejdNc&feature=feedlik , where the guy plays something and I can't seem to find the song. I don't know if its original, I don't think so because I swear I've heard it before, just can't remember where. Anyways, the section I want starts around 3:55 and lasts only about 20 seconds. If you know the name of this song or can tab it out for me, it would be greatly appreciated (I've been trying to ask the poster of the video for months now and never gotten a response)

Thanks in advance
Not 100% sure but it sounds very similar to Hand Of Blood by Bullet For My Valentine.