when i am stretching, i am feeling pain in my wrist/forearm area stronger than between the fingers themselves. is this normal? i am worried i might be putting too much physical pressure on my thumb holding the guitar while i do the stretches.

for reference, i am learning saltwater by tommy emmanuel and want to do an arpeggio that uses (not chord savvy sorry) an A major with my pinky holding a B on the E string.
that is normal, because there are muscles and nerves that go from your fingertips through the wrist and they move while you are trying to stretch....
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.
Yea that is normal, but once your fingers get used to it its easy as hell to get scales or pretty much anything down... personally i can't use my pinky that well when i play mainley cuz i have nvr really taught myself how to. Every now and then i get pains running up my fingers and into my wrist/upper arm area, but it only last for about 3-4 seconds..