Just sending this out, hopefully one of you guitarists out there will be able to help me record a track, pretty easy playing wise no crazy time signatures and solos just tired of hearing midi when i jam out on the drums.

if you are interested please send me a private message, I use guitar pro so that would be the main way i could get you the tabs.
I'd be interested, I've got fairly decent recording gear that I unfortunately haven't had a real need to use yet (therefore this would be good for me) and I too, use guitar pro.

PM me?

EDIT: Ignore songs on my profile - they were done a long time ago with audacity XD
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I can play things pretty thoroughly on guitar, the stuff on my page like the melo-death sample solo bit was written by me on tabit before I tried it on guitar, so if you still need a guitarist I'd be a good help

I'll be happy to do any guitar recording for you. I record direct, and can get pretty much any tone you like (with my Zoom G9.2tt).
I have some recordings on my profile, but they were recorded a couple of years ago... I've improved

Private Message me if you're interested