i'm actually in love with caparison guitars, i think it's impossible for them to sound bad!
although, i'm not willing to fork out £2000 + for one haha
just wondering if there are any other brands/models that are similar but around the £1000 mark?

Mayones is a VERY good option, although most models come with a fixed bridge unlike the Caparisons (they have tremolos on almost all their models iirc), I don't know if that matters to you. Soundwise they're at least equal, if not better.
Mayones are more then 1000 pounds.

EDIT: There really isn't any comparison to a Caparison, they're pretty unique, and as far as I know, not mass produced.

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that one i saw is around £1100 which is alright with me
i did say around the 1000 mark haha !
Quote by Nimbus456
Mayones are more then 1000 pounds.

Yeah, you're right. I was not aware of the current exchange rate Euro - pounds. But the lower models are about 1400€, which is about 1200 pounds. It's a possible thing to save 200 pounds if you ask me