How dose everyone fret there fret boards? How do you slot? How do you install the frets? Do you use expensive purpose made tools for the job or do you just use ''normal'' tools from your local hard wear store? I need to fret my fret board soon but I don’t want to spend a whole lot on tools so I was wondering how everybody else dose it.
I like to do the ends really nice so i cut the fretwire to the exact length first, dress the ends and then install them. If you clamp two bits of wood either side of the fretboard, you can put the frets inbetween and tap them in lightly with out them moving. Once they're lightly held then i clamp and press them in. I've never liked dressing the ends while it's on the fretboard because the files tend to mark the fretboard and leave scratches.
fret with a mitre box and any saw with a .020 inch blade kerf. Lee valley has a decently priced one for it.
Install by tapping in with a hammer and a maul, or a clamp. I use whatever I have, and in the future I'll buy the proper things to save some time.
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