Top 10 Basses

Please note that this list is just my opinion and is slightly biased, if you wish to dispute this list please do so in the comments and feel free to tell us your top ten.

1. Fender Jazz Bass

The Fender Jazz is almost the undisputed winner, it has the same incredible quality of the Precision but it has a more versatile sound. With its more trebly tone the Jazz (or J bass) stands out from the mix, making it the choice for Jazz players and those who want to play more melodically.

2. Fender Precision Bass

The P bass was the first bass to come from fender guitars, two pickups close to neck position gives a smooth tone that brings joy to the ears of any bassist into blues, rock or Motown. The bass has a warmer and deeper sound than the J and it is slightly less versatile.

3. Gibson Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is Rock ‘n’ Roll. The axe of choice for many rock players such as Nikki Sixx, John Entwistle, Jean Simmons and Josh Reedy. With its humbuckers and heavy tone this bass is a true monster (a heavy one too). The standard model has a cool sunburst finish and of course the iconic eagle on the pickguard.

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