would this pedal also be good as a boost? I love the way my ampeg sounds cranked but I would also like something with a little more gain on tap and I hate the way tubescreamers sound with the gain any higher than 2.
PaulC Timmy?

Fulltone OCD?

Crowther Hot Cake?


Your options are almost limitless.
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Love the DLS, but if you want a clean boost, it's really not the best option. I'd go with the OCD or a Durham Sex Drive.
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DLS is pretty dirty

I wouldn't agree with that, it's definitely not very transparent though. I'd check out something else if you really want to use it as a boost
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It's not a boost, and doesn't try to be. I'm pretty sure cattybread makes a clean boost no? Chili something or other? Either way, DLS is a wicked pedal none the less.
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DLS is designed to be boosted by other pedals, not to be boosting other.
Clean channel + DLS gives You basic marshall-ish tone,
which can be than boosted by other pedals.