I'm looking for a guitar to play kind of Warrant, Motley Crue etc kind of music, and have come across three axes i'm looking into.

Yamaha RGX420
LTD M-100

All three are used and to almost the same price. The RGX is a little bit cheeper, but might have som rust on the bridge (im not sure yet... the seller has promised some better pictures sometime today)

Which one of these would you choose? Or do you have any other suggestions for around the 300 USD mark?

Edit: The Dollar is really weak now so its probably usually somewhere around 250 USD
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I don't mean to sound condescending, but none of those guitars are even worth the 300$ price tag. I would save up a little.
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The one problem is that i have to buy now, and i have no way to get some more money....

Edit: The dollar is really weak now (the price is in NOK) so for about two weeks ago they would all probably have been around 250 USD i guess
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If those three are your only choice I'd go with one of the LTDs. I have an LTD Horizon series and I love it. The MH-53 looks more versatile with the H/S/S pickup configuration. The M-100 is definitely more of a metal machine.
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