Hi there,

My name is Alex Cake and I've recently recorded a song which I have named 'New Dawn', the reason being its my first real song I've recorded. The song is not completely finished, but all I need to do basically is to record the solo and re-think the duration of each section.

Well here it is, criticism is very welcome, and thank you for your time.

The structure of the song is fine and sounds good to me. Doesn't get boring, so that's a good sign.

Just three things that stick out to me.

Number one, the guitars sounds way to compressed, I think they'd sound better with a bit less gain.

Number two, the drums don't fit into the mix at all. It's fine what they play (most of the time, they sound a bit strange at the begining and they're sometimes out of time), but the sound doesn't fit in the mix. Make them a bit quieter, eq them differently, and you can make the song alot better. Like this, it sounds as if you just threw some midi drums on top of it. What you probably did.

Number 3, absolutely no biggie, but the songs ends way to abrupt One second you're playing, next second everythings quiet. That's just a bit strange.

Other than that, good song. Has definetly potential.

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Yeah, the things you pointed out are things I need to work on. As for recording, right now I'm stuck with direct recording into a PC, but further down the track I'll definately get some quality mics, because my guitar tone is always better through my amp than when it comes staight from the effects pedal. And yes, the drums are midi, but I convert them to wav anyway, so I'll experiment with the eq of the drums.

Thanks for your, and any other criticism I may recieve, this is how I learn.