I'm looking for a vibe pedal. I'm stuck between the MJM Sixties vibe and the Prescription Electronics vibe. Anyone compared these two and know the pros and cons?
Heard a lot of good things about the Sixties vibe. I haven't played the two you mentioned, but I had a Fulltone Deja'Vibe and I now have a Foxrox AquaVibe. The AquaVibe is just an awesome pedal. It's the same price as the Prescription Electronics, but it has a waitinglist of a year.
I have a Fulltone DejaVibe 2, and I like it. It does its job. My only issue is that occasionally it'll activate on its own; I hate the switching system on it.

I too have heard good things about the MJM, and I like most of their stuff. Never heard the Prescription Electronics one.