My dad buys and sells stuff on ebay/yard sales. He brought home a guitar asking me about it and I have no clue. I think it's old but can't place how old and I've never heard of the brand and can't find it on the internet. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me.

It's a typical six string guitar with a truss rod a rather simple rosette. There's no brand symbol on the headstock. The neck is straight, the strings are kind of high, you can feel the fret markers, frets on the side of the neck, and the rosette (which to me points that the wood has shrunken a bit from lack of hydration.

The brand is called Alabama. This is found on a paper inside the sound hole. Underneath it says "Quality Western Guitar". Underneath is the model no. W6N.

Thank you ahead of time!
I found one thread on another forum with almost exactly the same question from several years ago:


They didn't know either.

During the seventies and eighties, dozens of Asian firms tried to cash in on the booming acoustic market by producing all sorts of guitars. Some were direct copies of well-known brands, some were marketed under existing brand names that had been purchased, and some were just given "American sounding" names.
Many of these were not very good; mass-produced in all sorts of factories.
If the instrument is playable....You're golden. Chances are it has little value otherwise.
Thanks for the link.

It actually has a surprisingly nice warm sound to it. (once I tuned it up)