I´m rebuilding my old jackson and now I need a new neck.
The old one had 22 frets and a 25,5" scale.
Now I have some questions:

1. Is it important that the new neck has also 22 frets?
I can´t get a neck where the last two frets are overlapping, that would cover my pickup. So I´m thinking if I got a neck where all 24 frets are really on the neck, my neck pocket probably wouldn´t be deep enough?

2. I have to get one for the same measure right?

3. May I take i.e. an Ibanez neck or am I limited to Jackson necks?

I hope you can help me^^
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If you put a 24 fret neck on you'll need to move either the bridge or the neck pickup to acommodate it. You can put it straight in the old pocket but now the scale length will be changed and you'll need to move the bridge closer to the neck to make up for it. Or you can rout a new cavity for the neck pup closer to the bridge and that'll allow more room to put the neck where it should be. Or you could get a 24 fret neck and chop the last two frets off so the fretboard will be flush.

You aren't limited to jackson necks as fender owns jackson, so fenders and charvels should fit as well provided it's a bolt-on. Some Ibanez necks should fit too as they all used to have the same heel as fender and some models still do.
Ok, cool. Thanks for the answer.

I don´t think I´ll move anything. I have a floyd rose trem, so that wouldn´t be easy.
But I think I found a quite good neck:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ViewItem&item=140471505653#ht_5404wt_905

It should fit just perfect.
I just don´t know if it´s a good idea to buy a noname neck. Experiences anyone?
The buyer looks trusted, i've bought plenty of stuff off ebay and haven't been ripped off yet. Maybe it's just my luck
Ok...found out all those necks have a standard c profile.

So right now I´m thinking about clipping a 24 fret neck to 22.
Does anyone know if it fits the neck pocket then?

And maybe someone knows if my Floyd Rose locking nut fits Ibanez necks? It says they´re routed for a R43 nut.
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Make a note of where the 22nd fret should be on the body and cut the new neck so that the same fret lines up in the right place. You'll probably need to round the corners to make it fit.

As far as i know the nut should fit just fine.
k, thanks. That really expands my options.
I just found out, that an r43 nut is a little bit wider than an r2, so maybe I´ll have to get a replacement.
What matters is the overall distance between the nut and the bridge. If it's a 34" setup you must stay with a neck that is a 34" scale neck.
You can't mix them (30 or 34) or you will have problems