I currently own three guitars:

2001 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Reissue
2010 Gibson Explorer Custom (I switched out the pickups to Dimarzio Liquifier, and Super Distortion)
2003 Taylor 710CE Acoustic

My primary music interest is in metal (shocking!). I love my guitars, but they just dont play as well as the Ibanez, Schecter, or Jackson models I've tested.

For the progressive metal (Between the Buried and Me, The Human Abstract), what guitar would be a smart option?

I played an Ibanez RG3770Z a while back and fell in love. So I am thinking that, but any other reccommendations?

Since I've noticed you like Gibson, I'd get a Les Paul Axcess and replace the pups for EMG's 81/85.
I agree with Thiago. I have EMGs on my SG and this thing is awesome for metal. No Jackson or Ibanez can touch it in my book. I own a Jackson Randy Rhoads, it can't touch my SG.
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I do love gibsons. The look is classic and what I grew up with. But those active EMGs could sound good in a $200 guitar, so basically I would be paying for an expensive pickup holder. I've always been a Dimarzio guy anyways. But you have reignited my interest in the Axcess.
Hey, if you fell in love with the Ibanez why fight it? Sometimes the guitar picks you. Wow, that was really zen...

And I agree with your comment about the EMGs. Those things could make a 2x4 sound good. If I'm playing a $2000 guitar then I want a set of dynamic pickups to let the character of the guitar, wood, etc. shine through.
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Anyway, the pickups in the Axcess are pretty hot. Or get a Epiphone Axcess. They play great and are a lot cheaper, allowing you to change the pups
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Anyway, the pickups in the Axcess are pretty hot.
Pretty sure they're standard Gibson burstbuckers which are really low output.

Or get a Epiphone Axcess.
No such thing exists.

OP, if the Ibanez is what grabs you then stick with that. There's no point buying something else just for the sake of it. If you've already found a guitar you like, why keep looking?