Guitarist here - looking for anyone, just about any style to play. I'm sick of traveling an hour+ to practice, and I have a guitarist I jam with at home but he's too busy most of the time. I really like anything, and am open to playing anything, f*ck I'll even learn country if there's someone who will teach me a little bit about the style first. I can do some backing vocals, with practice since I'm basically tone deaf
I'd jam with ya man but my job keeps me moving around a lot lately. im always looking for people to write music with when i am home (cherry hill, around the corner). maybe when i move back who knows? anyway a lot of musicians take some classes at county college around there that ive met are always looking to make bands. good luck with your music
Good to know - unfortunately I'm done college so no hanging around CCC, and also working full time - so its more a nights/weekends thing as well.
Found a lead guitarist - looking for any drummers/bassists/singers in the 18-24 range in SJ. So far our common interests are Coheed, Paramore, some 80s thrash.