Hi guys:

Recently recorded a demo for this song, think I'm ready for an album now. I thought I'd run it past you lovely people first though, to see if there's anything worth improving. I'm concious that the transition from the first part to the other isn't as smooth as it could be. Care to take a listen?

Comments welcome, and C4C of course (though personally I'm going to be inclined to disagree with a "it's too boring" comment, the kind of feel I was going for was epic-build-up - prove me wrong if you feel you have to!).


N.B: the "e-bow" section where it's fading out is reduced in time on the recording, already. If you want to listen to it go to www.soundcloud.com/aftertheimpact/fracture.

If you like it, check my Facebook page, the link is in my sig :3
fracture MIDI.gp5
fracture GP4.gp4
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