Hey, I am a guitar guy who wants to buy a bass, I want spend between three and four hundred. I have an old carvin bass amp. What is a good bass to buy?
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for that budget a squier is a very good choice
but if you want a reply towards your tastes, as the reply before me says, you have to give a bit more info to go on
Almost every guitarist-turned-bassist i've known preffers a narrow string spacing on their bass...

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It's a good price point. You should be able to find something with good build quality.

5-strings are something to definitely look at so you can get the low music notes. You kind of want that low-D, and then the low-C too. Then you might as well have a bass with the low-B on it.

That way you have the option of keeping the music notes low in pitch. If the guitar player hits a C chord and wants a deep sound, it's way more mammouth to have the bass play a low-C. If you have to go up to get the C, then you lose that deep cinder block sound option.

Since you already play guitar, maybe you are doing some songwriting. The five strings give you sound options.
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Fender MiM Jazz
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This, and I'll add to the list:
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