Hi guys,

I have been playing for like almost 4 years and I still feel useless when playing guitar. One reason is that Im going to college and don't have much time to practise. Anyways i don't wana give up cause I love playing guitar. I just wana know how to practise efficiently (I can practise1-2h per day,which will mostly be done at night). Now I have been hearing many things about "how to practise". Now I was looking at the forums and stuff and some say that you must play something really really slow and focus on your movements and only move untill a faster speed untill you can do it perfectly (even if it takes days to get it right), but others (like a friend of mine who is pretty good) say that you must start really slow but then every now and then increase the speed by small steps untill you reach a point that your playing gets sloppy.(like repeat 10x then increase speed by 5bmp) Which one of these 2 methods is right or more efficient?

One other thing i noticed about playing really slow is that its really really hard to do (I feel really uncomfortable playing very slow- it feels awkward and my body gets this weird feeling - and even as I try to focus hard I can't do it properly.

Anyways. Thanks guys and rock on /m/
Well both those points are relatively the same thing in a sense. You should play slowly until your technique and playing is either smooth or flawless and then increase the speed but you should increase the speed until you start to feel a bit of difficulty and you see your technique is slipping. That's where you should stop and play at that speed until you got that down pat and then increase your speed again. But I would say playing the same thing for a few days really slow even if you've been playing it perfect after the first day is kind of pointless in my opinion, but if you feel like your technique is slipping, its always good to pull back a few bpms and regain that proper technique. I'm no expert but that's what makes the most sense and works for me. Just do what feels right and remember to keep pushing yourself past your comfort zone, it may be sloppy at first, but you will see a lot of improvement after a short enough time.
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Just playing slow is pointless. It's playing slow and focusing on playing correctly that will yield improvement. Also if you can't focus for a little while at least you need to fix whatever it is that is distracting you and get to a point where you can focus. Of course your entire practice routine shouldn't be made up of the same monotonous exercise playing slowly. You can work on one thing awhile and then when that gets boring, work on something else, but also have some "free jam" time as well in your practice routine. You gotta keep yourself loving practice. Check this out for some really great guidance:


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Thanks guys for your advise. That web site by the way is really usefull , thank you so much