Just wondering if anyone has seen Bob Dylan perform live recently??? Seeing him tomorrow so wondering what to expect. Big fan of his early stuff!!!
He can be pretty hit and miss, so I really can't tell you what to expect. He's also pretty good at changing up his setlists. But, regardless of how Bob is on any given night, his band is off the charts. They're really fantastic.
Ya thanks have 12 row center tickets and they weren.t cheap!!! Might as well see him before he...
I've always heard he's really grumpy and not the friendliest with the crowd, but he should still be awesome haha.
When I saw him, he had his Martin acoustic on a stand center stage right beside him... and also a keyboard set up in the middle too.

He never picked up his guitar once and played the keyboard all night.

Needless to say I was a little "wtf?"
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Ya thanks have 12 row center tickets and they weren.t cheap!!! Might as well see him before he...

No, of course. I've seen him twice and the first time he was having bad night. Looked like he was just going through the motions, pretending the audience wasn't there (luckily Elvis Costello, was was opening was unbelievable). The second time, however, he was having a great night. Looked really into it, constantly acknowledging the audience and what not.

Either way, it's an experience that you should enjoy regardless. Also, don't expect to recognize every song. He changes a lot of arrangements quite frequently.
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I saw him this past fall and he was terrible. He played the keyboards the whole time except for a harmonica solo which I'm not totally convinced he actually played so much as synced it to a recording.

I just wish Dylan would pick up an acoustic and play on his own HOWEVER, I'm sure it'll be a great show!!
Disappointed to hear he doesn't play guitar anymore but he is what 75? His presence alone is probably worth the admission.
^ ^ Don't think he's hit 70 yet. But I've watched a few of his more recent performances, and I'd say today is a better time to see him than years ago. He's sounding a lot better.
Last time I saw him, he grabbed some guy out of the audience and forcibly sodomized him..

Must be getting cranky in his old age..
His voice is god awful now.

I saw him in August 2009.
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Saw him last november. His voice isn't the best, but the songs are completely changed up. And the he does play keyboard a lot, but he also played a telecaster for a few songs and actually played some solos. It was a pretty good concert, have fun!
I saw him about ten years ago. He has a great band, but he's way past his prime as a performer and insists on playing keybord for songs we all know as guitar songs.
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