Hey, I play Classical Guitar to a Grade 6 standard, approaching 7, and I'm looking into doing some busking in the city centre over the summer to earn a bit of money and have some fun performing. I'll be playing Bach, Weiss, Vivaldi, Sor, Tarrega etc, I have no problem in terms of developing a repertoire. I'll be in a place with quite a lot of people around, so I'm thinking I'm definitely going to need some kind of mic'ing or amplification. I'm going to be using a Nylon String Classical Guitar, which is completely Acoustic, no inbuilt microphone or anything of the sort.

So I'm looking for a cost effective and appropriate solution to getting myself heard, I currently have a pretty cheap Microphone that I use for recording acoustic, although I'm willing to buy a better one. Here's a sound clip of that mic in use: http://soundcloud.com/sean-duffy/menuet-in-c-s-l-weiss

I tried using my VOX DA5 with the mic, because its battery powered and conveniently portable, and it does the job, but I'm thinking I should go for a clearer sound.

So, any ideas on what I should do about microphone and amplification method? Thanks in advance!