I figured I'd ask here since it's more about the sound than customizing.

I'm going to order a GFS Dream 90, and I want to scoop the highs as much as possible, so I was thinking I would order a neck instead of a bridge, cause the neck is 8.2k with the bridge being 8.4k.

Would this give me the desired effect im going for?

I'm also installing a 250k volume pot to aid in the scooping

higher the dc resistance the more the highs are scooped.

really 8k and a 250k pot aren't gonna do crap to scoop your highs.

in fact...that's going to be bright.
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I'm going for a blues sound, but I dont like the jangle it's giving me right now, is a 250k volume really a bad idea?

my post kind of made it sound like I wanted no highs at all, i just want them toned down to where theyre bearable eq'd with high trebly and 12 mids and low
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hmm damn, well vintage means itll have more jangle right?
Everything else being the same, the more turns the wire there are, the darker it is. That's why lower "vintage" winds have more jangle (more highs). 99.999999 percent of the time, the bridge is wound hotter and darker. The neck is actually brighter to cancel out the naturally darker neck position.

As for pots, 250k pots have less highs than 500k. 500k pots have less highs than 1meg (1000k) pots, and so on. The lower the number, the less high frequencies.
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You don't "scoop" highs. You roll back the highs or round them off. Like you thin out the bass. Scooping is exclusive to mids. The analogy doesn't make any sense when applied to treble or bass.

But yeah a 250k pot will do more for you than a neck pickup will. Usually neck pickusp are wound to be brighter regardless of output so they cope with the naturally bassier sound of the neck position better.

Of course if you want to take off the high-end, there's a simple answer: tone control. If your tone control doesn't current take off enough for you then replace the capacitor.