hmm i dunno, it's kinda hard to tell if I like this, would need to hear it actually played. Right now it's in one ear and out the other. The beginning sounded like it was going somewhere but sort of digressed somewhat.
this is the only one of yours i could find to return the crit so here i go haha

I wasn't too sure of the intended style/genre of this piece, it was like quasi metalcore with some other influences. IMO you should just stick to one or the other, preferably the metalcore cause the best parts were the almost breakdowns like at bars 105-107 and 122-123.

The solo was pretty good, it got the job done and had enough timing changes to keep me interested.

I did not like the ending though, it was like you just impatiently threw it in there (idk if thats teh case tho) It would've been alright, but the choice to use the d# d and c (bars 168-170) as the thirds up from the other guitar part didn't work IMO. What would've sounded pleasing and minor would be to harmonize in the other direction, with the d# -> g; d -> f and the c with the d#. Thats just me though, use whatever ending you feel is best haha

Overall pretty good, I enjoyed the metalcore parts the best!