Hello, I recently (yesterday actually) traded a Dean Metalman 2A ML bass guitar for the bass rig in the picture. This is actually my first time having one (up until now I've been using a little practice amp) and I wanted to know how good it was. The guy a traded with said it was a Kustom Tuck N' Roll Head (he said it was like 40 years old) and an Earth Sound Research 2x15. Although the Head only plays through the 'Normal' side it has a 'Bright' side (which doesn't work, even though the 'Normal' side has a Bright switch). He also said the 2 x 15 might've had one of the speakers replaced, since they look different. Any input would be great, especially on the 'Bright' setting, to which I don't know what it does.....

And yeah, my bass isn't extravagant but I'm fine with it.......
Does it work? Speakers both blown or anything?
If it works, then I think you got a pretty good deal. Although I don't know current values for those, I think you got the better end of the deal.
You have a 2x15. It'll be super loud dude.

Bright switch makes it bright. Which I personally hate, cause you start hearing the twangyness and the clicking of the pick and frets.
You managed to trade a Dean for a working bass rig. You got an incredible deal. Bright setting's probably carked it, take it to a tech if you think it's worth spending the money.
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Hay Mr E,

I remember those Kustom rigs well.

The 200's are 100 watts RMS.

The Earth Sound Research 2x15's
are from a company that is no more.
They were accused of making Peavey
knock offs. Both those 2X15 cabnets
sounded pretty good. A little muddy
in the mids.

Your 2X15 looks a lot like the 2X15
Peavey cabnet I had with my Peavey
Mark III amp which put out around
200 watts. That was my first 2 piece
bass rig.

I would guess a vintage Kustom 200
with matching 2X15 cabinet would bring
about $450.

I am guessing the setup you have
would bring less. $350???

I could be way off.

I would guess your Dean Metalman
2A ML would bring about $175???

It sounds like an OK deal,