Hey guys. I was messing around and came up with a few riffs with these notes.

A D E F G G#

I looked it up on one of those scale generators but no matter what note I added for the 7 it said it wasn't a scale.
sure. id be happy to try !

a 5th is the distance of 7 frets so from open e to the 7th fret is a 5th.
if you take a scale but rather than play a full octave stop at the 5th then you have a scale played to the range of a 5th.

the "a natrual minor" scale has these notes :

if i was to play just
i could say i was playing the A natural minor minor scale to the range of a 5th .

i hope this clears things up for you !
It's way more likely that you're not using all the notes in your scale, rather than using a 6-note scale.

Besides, G-G#-A looks kind of suspicious. With three consecutive notes a semitone apart from each other, you're probably using one of them as a passing tone that's not actually on the scale, most likely the G#. Which makes it possibly in A minor. It's usually safe to assume, on a first guess, that it's a regular major or minor scale, because you'll probably be using them more often than not.

Of course this is kind of abstract and I can't really tell you without listening to it or at least seeing it written out (in a tab or just the order of the notes).
depending on the context it could be a couple things, but i'd be quickest to say its either A minor with an added natural 7th or D minor with a flattened 5th.
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well i have the riffs in a GP5 file. is there anyway to upload them on here?

When you click "post reply", scroll down a little, and under "additional options", you'll find an "attach files" section.