Hey guys, apologies if this question has been asked before but I'm wanting to know the best string gauge for Drop G# on a 25.5 scale. I like my strings to be not massively tight but tight enough to withstand my heavy as **** picking hand. It's a 7-string aswell by the way. Cheers
If you're going Ab (G#), No less than .60. Yes, you'll be using a bass string most likely. You'll also need to adjust your intonation, and file down your nut (or have it done) in order for the string to hold key with the rest of them, when going that thick.
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'Bout to say, if you're going that low on a 6-string I have an Ibanez 7-string, and I use a .065 bass string for my low B string (tuned to A, but can go down to F without losing a ton of tension) Hope that helps!
Alright, I'll use a set of 10s and then buy a .065 for my low G#. That should be fine shouldn't it? Cheers dudes.
That should be good.

On my 27" 7, I have it in drop G# for Periphery (Which I'm assuming is why you're going to this tuning), with 10's and a 64 for the G#
Have any of you guys tuned to G#? TS you're okay with 10's but you will need heavy bottom strings for the rest. For the low G# you'll need at least a .70 or more. Trust me, you'll have excellent intonation. A set up like this I recommend,


Pick a .70 gauge pack here.

Edit: TheAbsentOne's set up is good too but he's playing through a baritone guitar, which I read you didn't have.
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Check out Naked Strings.com. You can choose the sizing for each string, and order them in packs to your specifications.
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The reason I'm getting a seperate low string is because I use Elixirs and they only have a light gauge 7 for 7s, but yeah I'll buy a 10 - 52 set and then a couple of different low strings and try them all out
i've tuned my BC Rich down to G# with Beefy Slinkys without any problem.
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Should look at 17's, or something for slide guitar with masses of tension.
GHS makes em.

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