I'll just get right to it and give you the details.

Location: Scotland, UK

Budget: Up to £75 but I'd rather keep it cheaper since I am pretty much only playing at home or jam sessions. I don't want or feel like splashing out for hefty pedals.

Playstyle: SRV, Hendrix as a basis
ie I'd like to emulate the same kind of vibe effects they'd get

I pretty much exclusively use Strats too, if that makes a difference at all.
I have a Tubescreamer clone, a crybaby wah and a big muff.. to set the mood :p

I'd like something like the Dunlop Rotovibe so I could control it with an expression pedal but it's not an absolute must.

Edit: oh and i don't mind buying used, i actually prefer it. scouring ebay for cool deals on pedals is great fun but i've had no luck with uvibes.

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check out the danelectro cool cat vibe its cheap but it sounds decent enough for jam sessions,
i know it's more expensive but i love my brother's pigtronix envelope phaser

it's worth the cost in my mind