so ive been practicing and jammin with some local bands and just decided that my equipment other than my guitar (jackson soloist) must go.

ive wanted a 5150 forever but i would prefer a head and cant afford the 5150's head cuz i only see it sell for like $750

my budget is about 650 or 700

what i'm thinking is bugera 6260/6262 head (ive played it, its tight but not dominant like a 5150)
through some nameless empty cab 2x12 which i can put WSG v30's in.

but then i'd need a Boss Ns-2 to zoog th noise.

and a Tubescreamer to tighten that shaz up

and then an Equalizer to get teh br00tz out of teh amp

can it be done for 650?
The B-52 head is pretty cheap, only like 200-250, and it sounds decent. I've got one and it gets decent tones for what it's worth.
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Im just gonna guess your total budget is 650? If so, follow my 4 step plan for success!
1. grab a 6505 112 combo and ts9
2. when you have moniez for cab, hack that combo into a head + buy isp decimator
4. Profit!
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Budget 650 to 700

genre: melodeth (children of bodom fan) also yngwie malmsteen fan. i'm a fan of metal and classical tones basically. i like to play some clean classical. but i have an acoustic too.

location western United States

Yes gigging.

current gear

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