So on a complete impulse buy, I went and bought a new Peavey Millennium BXP 5. Right after I hit order I was already thinking why the hell did I buy a five string. It came yesterday and my regret seemed pretty justified. I figured it would need a bit of adjusting but this is terrible, the low B is so floppy it doesn't just buzz it clanks and the rest of the strings buzz pretty bad. Its got a reasonable amount of relief in the neck (credit card thickness) and the action set pretty high. Any ideas on how to get that B string to quit flopping before I break down and exchange it for a 4 stringer.

Also found a Peavey TKO 115 in a second hand shop for 150. Looks a bit older has the red trim. Worth the money?
Peavey TKOs are pretty good, I'd say go for it.

Also a low B string will always feel slightly floppy because of the resonant frequency is quite slow, so you actually feel some of the vibrations as floppiness.
Also sounds like it just needs a good set-up.

Peavey Millennium's are pretty good basses, they shouldn't be a headache if you set them up right.
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As the others said it needs a set up. Even a million dollar bass will be crap until it's properly set up.

As for this particular bass, I have never played one, but every review I have seen stated this thing is amazing.
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Setup is VITAL but if you want to combat the floppiness (ololololol) too then you should look at strings with higher tension. I can never remember if its higher or lower gauge...
Higher gauge strings my friend. Problem solved.
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