So I'm not really a pro at this amp stuff. Only been playing for a few years, and take lessons. My guitar teacher has a Boss GT-8 effects board and instead of an amp he has these logitech speakers. I was reading a little in a thread that talks about amps and everything and was reeding about the pre-amps and all that good stuff. I was thinking instead of having an amp I could just use speakers like this

Would this actually work, and still sound good or do I need an actual guitar amp.

Thank you very much
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As long as the speakers are powered and aren't just a guitar cab, should work fine.

Volume might be limited, though - depending on which speakers you're using.
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You don't want to use a studio monitor for your guitar's speaker. A studio monitor is meant for use in the, well, er, studio. It's a speaker designed for allowing the recording engineer to listen to the mix and get a clear idea of what is happening. As such, they're really not full-range speakers. Besides, that one only has a 4.5" woofer, which is actually a mid-woofer (produces a slightly higher frequency response than a real woofer).

The other problem you'll run into is your electric guitar won't be able to drive it. The monitor output from a mixing console produces a higher voltage, capable of driving that monitor, or an amplifier, which drives an unpowered speaker. Line level signals are a lot stronger than the small signal coming out of your guitar.

Bottom line? Buy a real amp.