All I have right now is a couple 1/4" to 1/8" and 1/8" to 1/4" converters, an amp with Line Out via XLR (Will a microphone cable work with such a Line Out?)...I also have a couple instrument cables, a Multi Effects pedal (which is pretty bad for recording...). Should I get a LightSnake (the thing that goes from 1/4" to USB, although I've heard USB isn't that good for audio recording.)

I could use the Line Out but I have a laptop, so it only has Microphone jack and Headphones jack, so I'd have to plug it into the Mic jack, which with what I've tried doesn't sound very good. I've noticed it either distorts the sound, or the low-end notes are inaudible. I haven't tried it with the Line Out though.

I need some tips, as far as (cheap) equipment goes (such as cables...etc) or software that could sound good. Or should I just mic the amp, and plug the mic to the mic port on the computer?

I know this question is a mess, but help?
Is your multi-effects USB? If so then bypass the sounds on it, go through that, and plug it into the computer.

USB is fine for recording.

Going into the microphone jack can work, but like you said - it won't sound too great.

If you want some fair quality then you'll want a proper interface.
Bass can sound fine when going direct. You can either EQ the DI, or use amp sims and/ or impulses. I personally like using an external bass pre-amp and impulses.

There's all kinds of interfaces in just about every price range. It's the best way to go.

As for software, everyone will recommend Reaper. It's a good DAW that won't force you to pay, but a license is really cheap as well so it's worth it.
A mic cable will work with the XLR line out- it's what I use at home, along with an M-Audio Fast Track interface, though that's firewire, not USB.
Well I got a soundcard, hope it will work

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A mic cable will work with the XLR line out- it's what I use at home, along with an M-Audio Fast Track interface, though that's firewire, not USB.

i am almost positive that all of the fast track interfaces are USB. you sure it is firewire?

xmelodeehx, seems like you are confused as to what you need and dont really know where you are going. so lets start with budget. you say cheap, but what defines cheap? can you afford $100 or so? in that case, the Fast Track is a pretty solid starting point. you can either go direct in with your bass, or run your amp to the xlr input. because yes, the xlr output on your amp will work with a standard xlr cable (that would typically be used for microphones).

you can use your mic input, but youve already discovered that isnt the best way to do it. people can get ok results out of it, and on the cheap it is a workable option. turn down the input level on the card (can be done in your soundcard options), and this should help with the clipping. not going to help with missing low end though. and do not put the line out into the mic input. they are two different signal levels, and you can overload the input with that stronger signal.