I have been offered a job as a guitar teacher, but the boss wants a resume. Just a very simple one, he just needs one to show to parents in case they ask. What points should I write?
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be honest, thats the best advice. if you can't do something well i wouldn't recommend listing it. just give a brief history of how long you've been playing, what styles you're comfortable with, what techniques and skills you have and how long you've had them / been practicing them.
Yes, honesty is essential. I think if you follow z4twenny, that's enough. I cannot think much more
the only thing I would add to z4twenny's post is to let them know you are in a band, but only if you are in a band of course... I know that was the biggest selling point for my parents when I started. they were all like "blah blah... and he's in a band, heres their album" then I listene dto it and decided I want to play guitar like him, and what better way then being taught by the guitarist himself?
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