I want to upgrade from my Epiphone Les Paul II. I have been looking around and stumbled upon Warmoth. I think it is pretty cool with how you can build your own guitar. The one problem is the wiring with the soldering. So I'm still in High School and dont have a job so I have to rely on allowance, Christmas($200, not that much when your building a guitar, but, at least I have some more money), and grandma. The reason wiring is such a big deal is that I do not want to Solder anything because I looked around on the internet and soldering machines are like $500. I was looking around the threads and read that you wont have to solder with EMG's. Is this true because that is actually good, because I want EMG's.
Would I need to solder with the EMG's? Now I wrote up a list of different parts for the guitar I'll needam I leaving anything out-

*by the way, I am trying to build a strat look, this will be for christmas so it'll be a while before I build it*

Guitar Body
Guitar Neck
Emg Pikups(Neck, middle, and bridge)
Floyd Rose Tremelo
Tune/volume knobs
Neck Plate
Jack plate

Thank you very much
Soldering is crazy easy and cheap. A $500 soldering "machine" would have to be some sort of automated one or something like that... spending that much on a soldering iron is crazy. A decent one is 15-20 bucks and a good one is maybe 50.....maybe...
Ok. I was accidentally looking up soldering for other things. Where can I get a soldering irons, Home Depot? Should I also use pickups just for strats, since it will be a stratocaster, or should I do 2 Humbuckers and one strat, or 2 strat pickups and 1 Humbucker.

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Home Depot will have what you need. My Weller 40 watt cost $14 from them. Make sure to get some rosin-core solder too! I'd say HSH with coil tapping.

To Explorerbuilder, I've only tried the cheap "Selects" and love them, never tried actives and was just stating the general opinion.
Should I get the 1 Humbucker with 2 strats, 2 Humbuckers with 1 strat, or just the 3 strats? What would have the nicest sound?

You might look into getting a prewired pickgaurd since youre going with a strat syle. Im pretty sure warmoth will route all the cavities for you.