Hi all,

Basically, I want to make some recent videos of myself playing guitar.

I've been using some freeware video capture program to record webcam video and i have a mic to record the audio, but sometimes the audio and video don't sync. I'd also like to be able to strip the audio, record a few tracks and then re-mix it with the video. maybe add some picture-in-picture or something like that....

Where do i even start? I'm running win7. are there any how-to's or tutorials?

Do I just use virtualdub and audacity??


Well, for starters, obviously you have to record this multiple times, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and whatever else you might want to add. To mix the audio Audacity works just fine, but if you want split screen videos, so that people can see all the guitar parts I recommend Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD. It's really good.
Now, if you can't get Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker will work just fine. You can't split screen on it, but you can alternate the different video parts...
If you have any specific questions feel free to ask

I forgot.
If you want to mix the audio alone, obviously you have to rip it from the video. You can use Free Studio, it can do a lot of things, and it's free.
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