What's with this so called "song" on the Electric Ladyland album? Take a listen to it. Is there some kinda funny story behind it or something? Worst Hendrxi song ever
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Exactly. And its not musical in any way. It's not even music, it's just noise.

So you are listening to just the first track and not the whole album? Hendrix albums have a very strong flow and vibe, and if you listen to their parts out of context, it may not make sense.

Don't expect to read a random chapter in a book and not completely understand it. You need to put it in context.
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I agree with hunterman, its like getting a good book, opening it to the middle and expecting it to make some sense. music back in the 60's-70's was about telling a story with about 45 minutes of song space, unlike today when most bands can barely scrap that together. listen to the entire album and it'll flow a lot better.
Yes, I have done that, and it indeed, was incredible.

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I hear what you guys are saying about putting the song in context, but what asianguitarguy is saying is... if you turn to a random chapter in a book and the text looks like 'Tlapwiekl lija p xp idjsojq p si wlbgb pw bw ep uroslsss lwio soi dois ahlhl lwijeowjkd....' no amount of normal English (or other language) context can make up for the unintelligible chapter (or song).
It sets a tone and mood. It doesn't have to be charted musically. If you absolutely need to be able to play EVERYTHING that Hendrix put on an album, well, sorry, not happening! haha. There are "songs" on a lot of albums that are more about texture than musicality. It's part of the whole picture.

Throw in Dark Side of the Moon. Listen to "On the Run" by itself. Now, start the CD from the beginning and see how it helps the continuity of the entire piece that is DSOTM. I've NEVER gone looking for this tune but the album would have been lacking "something" without it.
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As flavaham said, it's a 'mood' song. Same goes for for instance the Beatles' Revolution 9. It's not a musical piece in the traditional sense of the words, and you're not supposed to interpret it like that. For me, personally, I love that kind of stuff: Goosebumps all over when I'm listening to Revolution 9. But hey, I reckon it's not for everyone.
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