Hey guys I have just one quick question.
I have a box ac30vt xl combo amp. Its the only one I have and the only one I can afford to have. I record using an m-audio fasttrack which I have monitoring through the amp. Now I like the tone I get when my zoom pedal is run through the amp but right now what's being recorded is just from the pedal. My line goes like this:


The amp effects and eq settings make the tone what I want but if I put it like this:

Guitar-pedal-amp-interface(via phone jack in amp)-pc

It sounds like shit which leads me to my question.

Is it possible to splice a quarter inch female jack into the wires that go from the amp to the speaker? It would be like the headphone jack only the warmth of the tube would come into play before it hit the interface. Is this possible or just wishful thinking?
the tube isn't really doing anything in that amp.

you could just as easily buy a cheap tube mic pre like the presonus or the art and it would be doing the same thing.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer