So i have a pretty varied taste in music. I like mostly melodic metal but listen to pretty much any metal.some of my favorite bands are inflames, the black dahlia murder,sybreed,and devil driver to name a few. Some good suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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we butter the bread with butter, the red chord, born of osiris, the human abstract

i second the human abstract, some proper good stuff, just got into them yesterday

i would also suggest tesseract and gojira, although gojira arn't the most melodic of metal bands
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Embers Arise, Centicore, Soilwork, Sylosis, (Swedish) Avatar, Disarmonia Mundi, Dusks Embrace, Gates of Babylon, Haunted Shores, The Haunted, Samadhi, Rest Among Ruins, Silent Civilian, The Hurt Process (R.I.P.), This Or The Apocalypse, Within Y. A lot, I know, but enjoy!