Hi all,here's the note on a tab.


How to play it?Do take note the song i want to play is NOT strumming. Its a finger picking song so i have to simultaneously slap AND pluck the treble notes. I have searched for hours online and have come to realise this is more of a bass guitar's technique. So basically i've read that you have to bring your side of the thumb down on the upper bass strings and flick out your figners on the treble strings at the same time. I have never tried hitting notes using the back of my nails before and its feeling pretty awkward. Any ideas guys?

With reference to sungha jung's playing style. Referring to the youtube video link below. Any help is much appreciated.

use four fingers? one on each string

not entirely sure whats th eproblem here
You mean by plucking normally? Well im not sure if you've read what i typed there. What i mean is to slap your bass strings while simultanleously plucking the treble strings. Obviously a slap requires a downward motion with your thumb/plam whereas plucking requires you to stroke in an upward motion with your fingers.

Tell me,how would you slap a hand down while simultaneously lifting your fingers off the treble? Without having to angle your hand awkwardly. Just watch the video i provided in the youtube link. You'll understand.And be amazed at the same time
do you even need to play the notes on the two lowest strings? they dont even sound

why cant you just pluck the 2 and the 0?
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@Lukemaxfield, Here's how to read a tab.

------- (First treble string, lowest on guitar)
------- (Second string)
--0--- (Third)
--2--- (Fourth ( first bass string))
--X--- (Fifth string)
--X--- (Sixth string, highest on guitar.)

In a fingerpicking style, the 'x' doesnt represent a dead note akin to strumming. In strumming,you either dont play the note,or you place some fingers on the neck of the guitar to mute the sound. In fingerpicking (which is my case here), the x represnt a hammer on the body. A.k.a a 'slap' . Bassists use it all the time.

An acoustic example that uses loads of slapping on the guitar would be Boyzone's 'More than words'. Westlife did a cover of that song too.

So,back to my question,how do you slap the 5th and 6th string of the guitar while picking the 3rd and 4th string at the same time?
you use three fingers, thumb and index/middle.

the best way to explain is to rotate your wrist counter clockwise, as your thumb goes down, your other fingers go up consequently

if you need practice, do them separately and then gradually reduce the rest between the two actions
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Thx alot. Finally some reasonable advice. Well what you said could work,and it would require some practice. However it differs to sungha jung's method of doing it with the flicking of the back of the nails. Well i dont want to be a nitpicker,because ultimately the sound produced from your advice might be the same as in the video. Thanks yet again
Just hit the two strings with your index, by plucking upwards
or use index and middle, one on each string and pluck up
the x's to me i think would be a thumb down on both, or a bit of a slap and only hit the e string